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Run a "virtual race" at home

Image creation and LIVE realization of the first virtual race, together with 5 other members from trail running scene, Tòfol Castanyer, Pau Capell, Kilian Jornet, Albert Jorquera and Jordi Saragossa. To help stop the Coronavirus.

The challenge consisted in grouping the maximum number of people doing sports at home with professional runners as a inspiration. The main reason was, that scientific studies make clear staying active effects positively on our defenses and increase metabolic health, in addition to helping us mentally overcome the situation. To participate 'officially' in the 'virtual race' was mandatory to make a donation to #YoMeCorono, the team of doctors and researchers that has started a pioneering clinical trial, to define which drugs will be used to immediately treat the infected, prevent the contagion in your contacts and fin a vaccine against the virus.

The result of the challenge was 82,940€ raised, 7420 participants and 73.747 km completed.
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    Voluntary initiative

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    Design, Creativity Social Media, LIVE

  • Members

    Tòfol, Kilian, Pau, Albert, Jordi & Me

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