I'm Maria Fainé,
Graphic design specialised on advertising,
& Content creator.

When I was a little girl I spent so much time in my garden, not only enjoying living in the nature but also playing with my sister to our favorite game; building abstract shapes. My parents used to gave us a hammer, some pieces of wood and nails. We loved spending time creating abstract shapes that only us could understand. I have very good memories of our creations… and some blows to the fingers too!

Some years later, my parents started a family owned photography store. When entering there I always feel like beeing in another world, hundreds of cameras, films, negatives and later on the firsts digital cameras and their digital albums… living the revolution on the first seat was memorable.

I’ve always been restless and I was love practicing different sports during my free time: swimming, handball, tennis, voley… I started skiing when I was 3 years old and later on I was combining it with contemporary dance.
I’m sure all of this sports and activities that I played made me grow some soft-skills like; Self-knowledge, effort, empathy, respect, teamwork, motivation, among others.

Now the motivation comes from the challenges my clients pose to me. There is no greater satisfaction than understanding your need and being able to offer a tailor-made solution, with care and dedication.

Over the years, I came to understand where ‘experience’ comes from. It’s what you learn with every hammer bite on your fingers, with every blurry photo, with every fall on the snow, but mainly what you learn from every customer.

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